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Welcome to Vajrayana Institute

Discover an urban sanctuary of peace and tranquility at Vajrayana Institute’s short term accommodation. Located in historic Victoria Square, in Sydney’s vibrant inner West, Vajrayana Institute is an ideal place to stay while attending one of the Institute’s courses or retreats or enjoying your own private retreat.

A peaceful retreat in the heart of Sydney

Each of the generously proportioned rooms is furnished with two beds, study facilities, cupboards and a comfortable sitting area. Guests have access to kitchen and laundry facilities and the Institute’s library and meditation rooms.

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Vajrayana Institute, where comfort, convenience, and mindfulness merge seamlessly. Book your stay today!

Staying at Vajrayana Institute + the 5 Buddhist precepts

As our accommodation is part of Vajrayana Institute, which houses a temple, a small monastic community and a team of practicing Buddhist volunteers, we ask that all of our guests kindly observe the 5 Buddhist precepts or guides for harmonious living.

  • To refrain from causing harm, and nurture an intention of benefiting others
  • To accept only what is given, live with a sense of generosity and giving
  • To avoid sexual misconduct and cultivate respect for faithfulness and contentment
  • To practice kind speech and refrain form speaking lies
  • To avoid intoxication and respect mindfulness and safety

At Vajrayana Institute, we rely on rental income to support the centre and allow us to offer classes and teachings. Therefore, regretfully we are unable to offer discounts or concessions. However, we are pleased to offer Sangha the opportunity to do retreat free of charge during the month of July. Please contact for further information.